Degassing Systems Rational Parameters Selection at Coal Mines

In coal industry there is an acute problem of occupational safety provision. Special attention is paid to mines with high gas inflow where high methane concentration repeatedly leads to blow-ups that become the reason of large-scale accidents. The basic requirement for their prevention is safety rules observation during mining operations. But with increase of working depth and methane-inflow of coal seams it is impossible to ensure permissible gas concentration in the air. Under such conditions degassing of gas-bearing coal seams, bearing rocks and worked-out areas is an important technological process contributing to mining operations safety increase and face output increase.

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The aim of the work is to consider and substantiate questions connected with coal deposits degassing efficiency increase, development of new and improving of already existing calculation methods and optimization of basic parameters of degassing systems:

  • to perform natural researches of degassing systems defining dynamics of methane capture value and methane-air mix consumption that come into degassing network;
  • to establish correlation dependences of degassing parameters and equation of regression based on natural observations and statistic materials depending on mining-technical conditions;
  • to improve calculation methodology and boreholes number optimization, and distance between them providing maximal total methane debit captured at production, unit taking into account permissible methane concentration in gas pipeline;
  • to develop methodology focused on pipeline diameter optimization based on economic indices for all parts of the pipeline that are included in the degassing network.
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